My name is Brittany Montgomery.
I have worked on several projects pertaining to computer science.

I love web development.
I love figuring out how software and hardware function and how to fix it.

Taken from what I have learned; I feel I hold a responsibility to help as many people as I can with technology to better serve communities.

It makes me ecstatic when I see people smile
from the results of my work to serve them.

With technology you can never master everything but for the right reasons
I tend to continuously learn as much as possible.

My Projects


Web Designer 100%
Ecommerce 98%
SEO 95%
Advertisement 90%
Commercial Harware/Software 90%

Web Development

Commercial Installs

I have freelanced over the years as Montgomery I.T. Specialists holding contracts with multiple partnerships to install commercial hardware and software. 

Brittany Montgomery
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