Helping Small Businesses during Covid

August 7, 2020

It has been a major effort and concern for local small businesses to learn and manage their businesses without having to close during this crisis. For one many are not getting the customers needed in order to keep their staff on payroll. When they are able to keep staff it is hard to manage regulations to keep them safe. I have taken the functionality of my project of Efutura Marketplace and created a local environment for Southeast Texas. The domain is Not only does this allow to maximize customer orders during this time. It also allows employees to keep a safe space as everything is digital. The customer orders the products online and will be notified when they can pick the item up or an employee can bring the item to the customer and leave it at the door. The customer can pay online or in person cash or card. There are no fees as outsourcing 3rd party services can get very expensive.

The owner can fully operate their business in this environment and has a personal dashboard to keep up with employees, orders, payments and financial reports. The banking works through stripe and distributes in real time to the business.

If the owner would like to post menus and inventory and have the product redirect to their website this website will allow that in the product settings.

It is important for everyone that has talent to use it to help their communities for good.

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Brittany Montgomery
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